CMA Hosted Women’s Alliance Event for Staff

CMA held its Women’s Alliance Inaugural event on September 16 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Winter Park. The goal of the event was to encourage and empower our female staff members given our challenges in our industry. The event was led by Annetta Wilson, a certified mastery coach, certified trainer and speaker. The event included opening remarks by CMA Principal Engineer Safiya Brea, P.E., LEED AP and a welcome video from CMA President Peter Moore, P.E., F.ASCE, FACEC, followed by interactive group exercises that covered the topic ‘The Art of Networking.’  Following a lunch break, the afternoon session consisted of breakout sessions that covered the topic ‘Navigating Difficult Conversations and Elements of Dynamic Communication.’  CMA staff members who attended the event were Madeline Batey, E.I., Dominique Bethel, Jazmin Cruz, Melissa Dannelly, Melissa Deltoro, Jessica Diaz, P.E., Suzanne Dombrowski, P.E., ENV SP, Charmaine Emanuels, E.I., Maritza Figueroa, Daniela Martinat, P.E., Yulet Miguel, P.E., Karen Rachles, Jennifer Smith, P.E., Stephanie Williams and Johanna Zona.

Karen RachlesCMA Hosted Women’s Alliance Event for Staff