Land use planning is about community building, it is integral to the sustainable development of cities and towns. It involves looking at how land should be used, ranging from green space to residential areas, commercial and industrial sites. Land-use planning takes place within the framework of local zoning laws, state and federal regulations; and careful planning aims to preserve the environment, promote social gatherings, enhance communities, and support transportation, industry, and economic development. CMA provides long range and current planning services by focusing on sustainable principles with unparalleled graphic skills and superior analytical capabilities to local governments, communities, and private sector clients throughout Florida.

Long Range Planning:

  • Sustainable Comprehensive Plan & Text Amendments
  • Neighborhood Master Plans
  • Land Development Regulations & Zoning Codes
  • Evaluation & Appraisal Reviews
  • Design Guidelines
  • Annexation Plans & Processing

Current Planning:

  • Development Applications & Approvals
  • Site Plan Designs & Reviews
  • Technical Reports

Community & Neighborhood Involvement:

  • 24/7 Open Community Forums
  • Community Surveys
  • Vision & Master Plans
  • Design Charrettes
  • Neighborhood Participation & Plans

Graphics and Geographic Information System (GIS):

  • GIS Maps
  • 3D Computer Rendering/Conceptual Design/CAD

Planning Projects