At CMA, we understand the need to balance development with the protection of natural resources.  We work with our clients to identify protected natural resources, including wetlands, coastal/marine resources (mangroves, corals, seagrass), upland trees, and threatened and endangered fauna/flora that may conflict with their proposed infrastructure projects.  Our staff includes SWS Professional Wetland Scientists, UF Florida Master Naturalists, and ISA Certified Arborists who can perform quantitative and qualitative assessments of protected natural resources, and who work directly with our civil engineers to design projects to avoid/minimize resource impacts or develop mitigation strategies to offset unavoidable impacts.  Mitigation strategies may include habitat restoration design for freshwater wetlands, uplands, coastal wetlands, or marine habitats, and mitigation bank coordination. Our expertise includes the following services:

  • Wetland Delineations, Function Evaluation, & Monitoring
  • Mitigation Design
  • Environmental Resource Permitting
  • Protected Wildlife Assessments
  • Benthic Resource Surveys
  • GPS Data Collection/Mapping
  • GIS Database Development
  • NEPA/PD&E Document Preparation & Reevaluations
  • Certified sUAS/Drone Pilot Services
    • Videography
    • Wetlands Monitoring
  • Arborist Services
    • Urban Forest Management Plans
    • GPS Tree Inventories
    • Tree Removal Permitting
    • Tree Value Estimates/Tree Grading
    • Tree Risk Assessment (ISA – TRAQ)
    • Tree Canopy Assessments
    • Mangrove Trimming Oversight

CMA is providing landscape design and permitting services for the Blue Road Park improvements project in Coral Gables, which will include new landscape and hardscape elements, playground, walking paths, a shoreline viewing platform, and a kayak launch. This video was prepared by the City of Coral Gables to document a benthic resources survey we recently performed at Blue Road Park. The City interviewed CMA’s Senior Environmental Scientist, Brian Voelker, M.S,, SWPS, C.A., CLI and asked him to describe the process and our findings to create an educational video for their residents. [Video created and produced by the City of Coral Gables]

Environmental Projects