CMA understands that success in land development depends on delivering timely and responsive professional service and high-quality design. CMA provides services to private development clients in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Campus Design, Government Facilities, Mixed-Use, Redevelopment, and Hospitality market sectors. Our recent experience includes Transit Oriented Development projects connected by high-speed rail and projects funded through Public-Private Partnerships. Regardless of the market sector, we understand that timeliness is critical to the success of land development projects. CMA leverages our experience and relationships to receive quick permitting and entitlement approvals. CMA understands the complexities of developing land development projects and pledge our experience and dedicated team to make sure we meet project schedules with the goal of on-time certificates of occupancy. CMA is known and respected for our thorough understanding of site and permitting constraints prior to commencing a project. We engage regulatory agencies early to ensure the success of projects. We stay informed of changes to zoning and building code that impact our client’s projects. From the inception of a project, CMA works closely with our clients to determine the best path through design and construction administration to meet and beat schedules, assuring a quality project in the field.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial

CMA professionals have worked on numerous residential, commercial, and industrial development projects ranging from master planning to site design, utility conveyance, bond release, project close-out and assist with release of certificate of occupancy. We understand the needs of local retailers and national chains and develop our plans carefully to meet the project goals. CMA conducts a thorough due diligence identifying site conditions and regulatory restrictions to create a design and permitting critical path leading to successful entitlements and approvals. CMA understands the complexities of developing commercial and retail parcels and pledge to assign an experienced and dedicated team to meet the client schedule and obtain the certificate of occupancy on time.

CMA works with residential and multi-family housing ranging from individual homeowners making improvements to their properties, to affordable housing, and national home builders in need of master planning and entitlement services. We provide full site services in-house beginning with a detailed due diligence of proposed project sites through certification and close-out. From the inception of a project, we work closely with our clients to determine yields and the best path to entitlement and construction.

Our client’s invest heavily in the branding of their properties. Therefore, we lay out our sites for high visibility to maximize the impact of our client’s investment. We use our knowledge of local market conditions and community needs to guide our client’s projects to successful completion.

Campus Design

Our team is experienced in the planning and design of campuses for a variety of institutional and educational facilities. These facilities have diverse and specific needs that often change over time. We strive to create spaces that will be reliable yet dynamic and withstand the test of time both in safety and in style.

CMA has designed and assisted in the construction management of dozens of healthcare facilities including brand new hospitals, additions, emergency rooms, medical office buildings, long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, helipad designs, and American with Disability Act (ADA) accessible routes. Our team understands the unique challenges that are encountered in the development of healthcare facilities. We are familiar with Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requirements and understand the specific needs of healthcare site design such as special access requirements, ADA accessibility, water system redundancy, special floodplain considerations, central energy plant availability, utility corridors as well as special lift station designs and the use of macerators to handle conditions only present in hospitals.

CMA understands what is required when it comes to providing design services for K-12 and higher education campuses. Our team has worked on multimillion dollar improvements to infrastructure and public spaces for educational facilities. We make certain that as individual facilities are developed that they make sense with campus master plans and that these facilities are designed with the capacity to accommodate future growth and capital improvements in order to minimize or eliminate rework of installed infrastructure. Throughout the many master planning projects, parking lot modifications, utility and roadway upgrades, athletic field improvements, student housing, and open space projects we have completed, we have come to understand that the most critical component for success is to work within the academic calendar, providing design and permitting when the campus is heavily populated, and construction services when students are away on break. Our professional staff stay current with the newest trends and design concerns for higher education and K-12 in Florida.


With undeveloped sites becoming less common and a bigger push for density and revitalization, CMA is at the forefront of site redevelopment, providing services for several Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA). Our team is familiar with the incentives, rules, and exemptions that facilitate site redevelopment.

Our extensive land redevelopment portfolio allows us to provide innovative and out-of-the-box solutions when working within the constraints of an existing site. Redevelopment frequently requires the upgrade to infrastructure, for which we offer our expertise in donation water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, roadway improvements, and stormwater design and permitting expertise. We also provide detailed site design for redevelopment, including CRA owned properties that are being converted to affordable housing or commercial space of which the CRA will retain control.


CMA has been involved in hospitality projects throughout the world. Our team has developed unique design solutions for hotels, time shares, resorts, and private estates in exclusive locations. Beyond living accommodations, our projects have incorporated supporting facilities for boating, diving, equestrian, golf, tennis, and numerous other recreational activities. We deliver unique themes and design solutions appropriate to the project site.

Right from the beginning, our process involves establishing objectives with our clients and developing their program as a partner. We develop a thorough understanding of a site’s physical constraints and potential. We gain knowledge of the local real estate market and cultural conditions and develop a multi-disciplinary team of local and regional consultants to assist in the permitting process. Our team then develops a vision together that is appropriate to the site and current market conditions. Our designs incorporate indigenous materials and respect the local environment to create projects that are sustainable and provide lasting value to the end users.

Transit Oriented Development & Mixed-Use

The renaissance of the “live-work-play” lifestyle goes hand in hand with the surge of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and mixed-use development. TOD refers to developments located within the immediate vicinity of transit, such as a train station. TODs are frequently mixed-use, combining office, residential, and retail uses within one or a series of multi-story buildings.

CMA has extensive experience in these realms, including TODs associated with Brightline in Florida. With higher density developments, such as TOD and mixed use, our approach includes  full collaboration with the architect and developer to allow for operations and services, such as deliveries, solid waste services, rideshares, and seamless integration with transit and multi-modal facilities.

Furthermore, with ground level activation, such as restaurant and retail CMA integrates strategic flood protection and stormwater design with site grading to create resilient and accessible uses throughout the development.

Land Development Projects

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