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“Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments.”

The American Society of Landscape Architects defines landscape architects as analyzing, planning, designing, managing, and nurturing the built and natural environments. CMA’s Landscape Architecture studio focuses on contributing to a community’s health and well-being; equity and inclusion; economic development; sustainability and resilience. Our studio works with all levels of government, institutions, and private developers to create quality outdoor experiences for end users.

Public outreach is at the heart of the design process for transformational parks and public spaces and is one of three key factors that lead to the creation of “High Performance Public Spaces” that generate economic, environmental, and social sustainability benefits for their local community. We use a mixed methods approach to determining residents’ needs, desires, and priorities, including on-site and city-wide surveys, public open houses, stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, on- line engagement, and other techniques. We don’t just wait for residents to come to us; we “go to where the people are” including neighborhoods, condominiums, churches, schools, and other gathering spaces. Coordinating with a City, we encourage activation of a park during the design process that includes programs and activities such as yoga, food trucks, movies in the park, etc. to gauge public reaction, understand how the space can be inhabited, and gain real time feedback as we develop our design concepts.

Landscape Architecture Projects

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