Energy is a vital resource for modern living. Everything from food preparation, indoor comfort and lighting, transportation, industrial processes, and technology rely upon energy to function. The electric power system is a major and growing part of the energy equation and CMA’s focus is on projects that enable that system to operate efficiently as it grows.

Power Substations

The firm engineers have a broad range of experience in power substation design from 5kV to 500kV and specialize in overcoming diverse substation design challenges. The CMA team welcome the challenge of complex substation projects. We pride ourselves on providing an engineered product that is easy to understand, implement and construct. We provide comprehensive design solutions for Substation projects of varying complexity. Projects often include new, rebuilt and/or upgraded Power Substation equipment.

Engineering for Protective Relaying and Controls, Metering and Communications

In conjunction with substation design, CMA provides comprehensive engineering services for protective relaying and controls in new as well as in existing substations of varying complexity. The CMA team have a broad range of experience implementing various protective relaying schemes associated with Transmission Lines, Distribution Lines, Power Transformers, Capacitor Banks and Substation Bus. The CMA team recognize that each client has different requirements that require some flexibility and a detailed understanding of the specific protective fundamentals. CMA provides complete Protective Relaying and Control solutions tailored to meet our specific client’s needs.

Power Transmission Distribution

CMA provides electrical utilities with Power Transmission engineering services for public and private utility clients. The CMA team uses industry tools such as PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE to model existing and new transmission lines. The firm specializes in providing solutions for urban/suburban projects with complex right-of-way constraints, clearance requirements and underbuilt distribution.

Power Distribution

CMA provides electrical utilities with medium-voltage power engineering for new and upgraded distribution systems for universities, government, industrial, and utility clients. The CMA team use industry tools such as SynerGEE, Milsoft, ETAP and SKM to model distribution systems. CMA specializes in overhead to underground conversions and utility relocation projects associated with roadway improvement projects.


CMA provides lighting design services for a variety of public and private clients. CMA can assist with your park lighting or area accent lighting needs. CMA has performed lighting design for numerous roadway projects that have used conventional street light poles, decorative street light poles, bridge underdeck wall mount light fixtures, bridge pilaster-mounted street light poles, and high mast light poles. We have done roadway lighting design for cities as well as the FDOT. CMA has also done subdivision roadway lighting to speed up the permitting approval for a private developer. CMA has done pedestrian safety lighting for a college campus. CMA has also done accent lighting design for the up-lighting on several bridges, including the Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville. CMA has designed the channel navigation lighting for numerous Florida bridges. CMA has designed interior warehouse lighting. And, CMA has designed area site lighting for a variety of utility power substations, as well as a water treatment plant facility. CMA has the special expertise to review complex utility clearance requirements as part of the design process. The CMA team uses industry tools such as the AGi32 computer lighting analysis software to deliver quality lighting systems that maximize safety, uniformity, and longevity.

Solar Power Generation

Solar developers often call upon CMA to provide detailed design of solar farms in the southeastern US. Municipal utilities request our services in this area as well, often working with a solar developer. The interface between the solar farm and the utility is a particular specialty, whether or not we designed the solar farm.

Energy Projects