Great nations, states, and cities are built upon robust and well thought out transportation networks. It is the transportation network that allows civilization of thrive through expanded commerce. In recent years the state of Florida has seen record levels of population growth. More than 200,000 people moved to the Sunshine State last year alone, the second highest growth of any state. The transportation network plays a vital role in balancing the population growth with preservation of the natural resources that make Florida such an attractive place to live, work, and play. CMA’s planners and engineers share a common goal of serving the communities for which we live and work in. We have a rich history of developing creative, safe, and effective mobility solutions across multiple modes of transportation.

Highways & Roads

More than 80% of freight and most of the travelling public utilize the interstate and local roadway networks across Florida. The maintenance and beautification of the transportation network also plays a critical role in the success of the tourism industry, one of the state’s top revenue generators. Currently, the Department of Transportation spends nearly $30 per lane mile on its roads and bridges, the third highest in the nation behind New York and New Jersey. With an approved five-year work program budget of more than $51 billion plus more funding expected to come from the ARPA and IIJA federal aid bills, the amount of funding per lane mile across the state is sure to increase.

CMA has developed designs for hundreds of miles of roadways, trails, and parks across the state in our 60-year history. We provide comprehensive design services for all types of roadway and highway projects big and small. We also recognize that each client and the community that they serve is unique. The CMA team work closely with each client to deliver a tailored set of services focused on the needs for each project while considering the latest trends and technology to maximize the impact for the greater good of the public and community.

Our Highway and Road design services include:

  • Major and minor roadway design
  • Limited access roadway design
  • Urban intersection and complete street designs
  • Pedestrian& bicycle accommodations and safety enhancements
  • Maintenance of traffic
  • Signing and pavement marking
  • Signalization design
  • Roadway and aesthetic lighting analysis and design
  • Stormwater design and permitting
  • Environmental planning and permitting
  • Landscape architecture and irrigation design
  • Utility coordination and design


Mass transit and intermodal freight solutions are critical components of the transportation network that play a key role in preserving quality of life in major urban centers where population densification continues to occur. There are several alternatives for cities and states to consider as they look to implement transit options such as bus rapid transit, light rail, streetcar, and high-speed rail networks. Finding the right balance of all modes of transit increase ridership and promote safe efficient mobility. CMA has played an integral part in assisting the developers of some of Florida’s premier transit providers such as Brightline and South Florida Rapid Transit Authority’s Tri-Rail system. We have worked alongside cities and transit operators to develop civil site and parking solutions to integrate the transit and transfer stations into the communities they connect and serve.


Aviation has and continues to be the largest mode of transportation for connecting commerce and communities on a national and global scale. Today, more than ever the focus of our aviation clients is balancing customer experience with energy and cost efficiencies, resilient infrastructure, and planning for tomorrow’s expansion. Having worked for some of the nation’s largest airport authorities, we at CMA know that every airport, city, and community are different, and each has its own collection of needs and challenges that need to be considered. We approach each project with a passion for building the right-fit solution for each aviation client relying on local knowledge and a passion for progress for the local community.

Our aviation services include:

  • Airfield drainage
  • Environmental planning and permitting
  • Resiliency planning
  • Lighting and Electrical

Transportation Projects