CMA International Outreach Efforts With U.S. Department of Commerce

President and CEO Peter Moore, P.E., LEED AP, of Chen Moore and Associates, recently traveled to and Panama to participate in a trade mission led by Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank. The mission was held on May 8, the first anniversary of the U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Agreement.
Essentially, the purpose of a trade mission is to gather like-minded companies and to send an envoy from the Department of Commerce to help facilitate meetings with government officials and potential business partners. Representatives from 20 U.S. companies interested in infrastructure development were in attendance at this trade mission.
During his trip, Mr. Moore attended several meetings that included business discussions with the Columbian Foreign Minister, the Vice President of Panama, the Administrator of the Panama Canal, the President of the Panama Canal Authority and the Panamanian Metro, engineers in charge of the water and power generation for the Panama Canal as well as representatives from the Civil Air Authority, Energy and Mining departments and U.S./Panama Logistics Company.
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