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June 7, 2019
Peter Moore, President, Chen Moore and Associates
Last week: I recently saw a commercial from a well known pest control company that showed a roach crawling into a drain in the yard and crawling out the drain in a shower. It was a bit disturbing to me that, at least in Florida, that is impossible because those two systems aren’t physically connected. I’ve heard that same company telling a person with a rat problem that rats crawling from the sewer drains could impact the tap water their children drink. It’s unfortunate that companies play on people’s lack of understanding and fears to make money.

Looking ahead: While the exact benefits are only theoretical at this point, the addition of $60M in Federal Funding to the $40M of state funding for the raising of 6.5 Miles of Tamiami Trail is a huge step forward in the restoration of the natural flow of water to the Everglades. The diversion of water to the east and west is a huge ecological problem, but there are several physical impediments to returning the natural southerly flow. This is a big win for the environment and a big win for Florida.

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