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June 28, 2019
Peter Moore, President, Chen Moore and Associates
Last week: This week, the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration in Australia that stated there would be worldwide devastation by 2050 if swift and dramatic action isn’t taken on climate change. These “shock tactics” are exactly the opposite of the way in which we should be looking at the problem. Is there a climate change problem? Absolutely. Will it be fixed by incremental corrections? Also, absolutely. We can’t ignore the problems we face, but giving such a bleak outlook and expecting millions to abandon their homes discourages the type of active participation we need from everyone.

Looking ahead: Next Monday, the new fiscal year begins for the State of Florida and a whole list of new laws come into effect. One that still up in the air is HB 385 that effectively replaced the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority with the Greater Miami Expressway Agency, re shuffling the leadership in the organization. This bill has been presented to the Governor and he must act by July 11. Let’s hope that cooler head prevail and the new expressway authority is allowed to continue to provide quality services to the residents and visitors to Miami-Dade County.

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