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August 4, 2019
Peter Moore, President, Chen Moore and Associates
Last week: The first water treatment plant in Fort Lauderdale opened in 1926. For 93 years, the City has been providing clean, safe water that “magically” shows up at homes and businesses. At last check, they have still yet to receive a single thank you note for that incredible service. During the recent outage, my home and business were impacted. It cost me money and hassles, but I know the idea of suing the City for not doing something we’ve taken for granted for nearly 100 years is preposterous. Every dollar taken away by lawsuits steal from safe water.

Looking ahead: Treating climate change as a national security threat is not a new idea, nor is it a foolish idea. That’s why I’m optimistic that once Julia Nesheiwat starts as the State’s first Chief Resiliency Officer, there will be a definitive path forward towards a united approach to battle a common enemy. While I am friends with some of the 25 other candidates and I’m well aware their technical backgrounds are much more extensive that Ms. Neshiewat’s, her leadership experience is what is sorely needed. My toddler and her future children are counting on her.

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