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April 5, 2019
Peter Moore, President, Chen Moore and Associates
Last week: I was an engineer two weeks when I learned the valuable lesson that 95% of soccer/football fields need to be oriented North/South, not East/West and yet despite that, I’m very sad to hear about the tentative deal signed by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to allow Beckham’s Inter Miami to tear down Lockhart Stadium. With roots dating back 60 years, I watched by share of Strikers games and saw many a Soul Bowl with my alma mater Blanche Ely High School. I hope the Commission was right in choosing Beckham’s glitz, or we’ll lose a landmark for nothing.
Looking ahead: In Tallahassee, there is legislative pressure to reduce the minimum numbers of hours to receive an engineering degree from 128 to 120. While this seems like a relatively small change, it needs to be noted that my program, just over 20 years ago was 144 hours as a minimum. I know the real fiscal needs behind graduating students in four years, but next time you drive over a bridge or walk into a high rise, think about students receiving 20% less education than a decade ago.

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