SunSentinel Mention

January 3, 2020

Peter Moore, P.E., F.ASCE, ENV SP, LEED AP

President, Chen Moore and Associates

Last week: For the past several weeks, I’ve remained silent as letters to the editor have rolled into the Sun Sentinel suggesting that an end to development is the best suggestion to “fix” the water and sewer infrastructure issues in my native Fort Lauderdale and other cities in South Florida. As an engineer, I can assure the public that the problems we are experiencing are, by and large, not a result of new development, but rather the realities of infrastructure reaching the end of its useful life. Development is a chance (and funding source) to build replacement facilities and pipelines.

Looking ahead: Next week, I have the privilege of attending the dedication of the largest single-story building in the world as an ASCE’s Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The Vehicle Assembly Building is the large building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, designed to assemble the large pre-manufactured space vehicle components, such as the massive Saturn V and the Space Shuttle; and stack them vertically onto the Mobile Launch Platform. The future Space Launch System (SLS) will also be assembled there. What a great reminder of the significance, both altruistically and financially that the history and future of the Space Industry has to Florida.

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