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May 28, 2021
Peter Moore, P.E., F.ASCE, ENV SP, LEED AP
President, Chen Moore and Associates

Last week: My daughter attends a local religious private school, and her last day of school was this past week. I personally appreciate the great care the relatively small school took in providing safeguards for all the children, particularly since most of the are younger than the age of 12. What happens now remains to be seen. With the public schools ending June 9, parents will once again have a group of children who cannot yet be vaccinated with no place to go safely. My company still affords flexibility in work location, but most working parents aren’t that lucky.

Looking ahead: I’m getting ready to head to two out-of-town conferences in the next two weeks. They aren’t the first times that I’ve had out-of-town meetings since COVID began, but it is definitely the start of a wave. Many organizations used PPP loans and temporary expense reductions to survive the pandemic, and this means that pulling off a successful (profitable) in-person event is the road to recovery and normalcy for their employees and boards. But the “flip the switch” that has happened since the CDC changed the masking guidelines just feels reckless.

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