• Overhead T&D Line Design
  • Underground T&D Line Design
  • System Studies (Arc Flash, EMF, Route Study)
  • NERC FAC Compliance
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Roadway/Site/Campus Lighting

Transmission & Distribution

Fred Wilson & Associates (FW&A), a CMA company, offers Transmission and Distribution engineering services to utility service providers, industrial clients, universities, military facilities, and transportation agencies throughout the southeast.

Engineering for Power Transmission

The firm provides electrical utilities with Power Transmission engineering services for public and private utility clients. The firm engineers use industry tools such as PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE to model existing and new transmission lines. The firm specializes in providing solutions for urban/suburban projects with complex right-of-way constraints, clearance requirements and underbuilt distribution.

Transmission engineering services include:

  • Overhead & Underground Transmission Line Design
  • New Lines, Relocations and Replacements
  • Underbuilt Distribution
  • NERC FAC-003 compliance
  • NERC FAC-008 compliance
  • Voltage conversion & reconductoring for increased ampacity
  • Design of wood, steel & concrete Transmission support structures
  • PLS-CADD design using aerial photography, LiDAR surveys and terrain modeling
  • Sag and tension calculations
  • Permitting
  • EMF calculations
  • Access and patrol road design
  • Route Selection Studies

Engineering for Power Distribution

The firm provides electrical utilities with Power Distribution engineering services for universities, government, industrial, & utility clients. The firm engineers use industry tools such as SynerGEE, Milsoft, ETAP and SKM to model distribution systems. The firm specializes in overhead to underground conversions and utility relocation projects associated with FDOT roadway projects.

Distribution engineering services include:

  • Overhead & Underground Distribution Line Design
  • Overhead-to-underground conversion design, including ductbank & manhole systems
  • Cable and Equipment replacement projects
  • Distribution system studies for load-flow, arc flash, & coordination
  • Permitting
  • Roadway lighting design & computer modeling with tools such as AGi32
  • University or Campus Utility System Projects
  • Master Plan Development
  • Site Lighting

Transmission & Distribution Projects

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