• Water and Wastewater Master Planning
  • Pump Station Design and Rehabilitation
  • Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution Design
  • Sanitary Sewer, Treatment and Distribution Design
  • Reclaimed Water Design
  • Trenchless Technology


CMA has worked with public, semi-public and private clients to provide a wide range of water and sanitary sewer engineering services including large scale master planning and modeling, existing system assessments, design and rehabilitation from the level of a basis of design report through design, permitting and construction administration services. CMA has completed the following over the last decade: over 500mi pressure pipe; over 100mi gravity sewer; over 250 pump stations; large diameter pipe in FDOT ROW (24” to 72”); over 20 directional drills. CMA has also undertaken and completed several international water and wastewater projects in the Caribbean and in Central America.

CMA utilizes a variety of hydraulic models based on desired analysis and client familiarity. Examples include:

  • WaterGEMS/SewerGEMS
  • WaterCAD/SewerCAD
  • Innovyze (InfoWater/InfoSewer)

Utility Engineering Projects

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