• Water and Wastewater Master Planning
  • Pump Station Design and Rehabilitation
  • Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution Design
  • Sanitary Sewer, Treatment and Distribution Design
  • Reclaimed Water Design
  • Trenchless Technology


CMA has worked with public, semi-public and private clients to provide a wide range of water and sanitary sewer engineering services including large scale master planning and modeling, existing system assessments, design and rehabilitation from the level of a basis of design report through design, permitting and construction administration services. CMA has also undertaken and completed several international water and wastewater projects in the Caribbean and in Central America. CMA is among the most diverse and experienced firms with utility engineering projects in Florida.

Utility totals over the last 10 years:

  • Over 500 miles of pressure pipe
  • Over 100 miles of gravity sewer
  • Over 250 pump stations
  • Large diameter pipe (24” to 72”)
  • Over 60 directional drills

Water and Wastewater Modeling

No design can be undertaken without proper planning, and no planning can take place without a thorough understanding of system dynamics through the creation and calibration of a true hydraulic model. CMA’s experience with hydraulic models goes back to the original KY Pipes modeling software. Today, CMA selects the appropriate model based on the desired analysis and client familiarity. Depending on the available information and desired outcomes, CMA has created steady state and extended period simulation (EPS) models inclusive of hydraulic information and water quality.

Trenchless Technologies

All professions are evolving, and the methodology for installations of pipelines are no different. In dense urban areas; crossings of limited access highways and open water bodies; or crossing of areas with difficult conditions, including high ground water; installation via traditional open cut methodologies are typically more costly and take a much longer duration. For decades, CMA has utilized liners and pipe bursting for gravity sewer applications, but the transfer of technologies from the oil and gas industry to the water and sewer industry has yielded the most transformation in applications for pressure pipe.

A prime example project was the Go Big Go Fast 30” Force Main Rehabilitation and Replacement project for the City of Fort Lauderdale. Split into four phases, this project utilized a blend of HDD and Swagelining to turn over three miles of a single failing 30” force main into two redundant lines with numerous bypass connections. This project utilized four HDDs, three of which were in dense urban areas and the other that crossed a navigable waterway, to build redundant infrastructure. This allowed the team to swageline the existing pipe that had experienced a non-traditional failure and was not viable for CIPP. Constructed in only ten months, including a demobilization for a hurricane, the project received many awards.

Water & Wastewater Projects

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